Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Recent work...

So now for something a bit more recent. As in completed in the last few weeks. I'm working on my mechanicus forces currently, and I'm inspired by world War 2 German colors, pulp comics, and a bit of steampunk. I hope it comes through in my work.

First up, the tech priest dominus. I enjoy the play of vivid almost fluorescent colors playing with the drabness of his robes and armor.

Close up of some of the armor highlights and cabling. For most of my cabling on this army I'm referencing 1940s asbestos wrapped electrical wiring. 

I really try to make my weapons glow nowadays, and I don't own an airbrush. Think I pull it off?

A view of his metallic backside. 

Again, trying to make the weapon stand out and be the focal point for this view of the model. I also decided that I wanted to get a frothy blood feel in the science lab on his back.

All I  all, I'm very happy with this model. I think I achieved what I set out to do with the drab military colors and pulpy, steampunk is weaponry.  What do you think? Bueller?

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