Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Recent work...

So now for something a bit more recent. As in completed in the last few weeks. I'm working on my mechanicus forces currently, and I'm inspired by world War 2 German colors, pulp comics, and a bit of steampunk. I hope it comes through in my work.

First up, the tech priest dominus. I enjoy the play of vivid almost fluorescent colors playing with the drabness of his robes and armor.

Close up of some of the armor highlights and cabling. For most of my cabling on this army I'm referencing 1940s asbestos wrapped electrical wiring. 

I really try to make my weapons glow nowadays, and I don't own an airbrush. Think I pull it off?

A view of his metallic backside. 

Again, trying to make the weapon stand out and be the focal point for this view of the model. I also decided that I wanted to get a frothy blood feel in the science lab on his back.

All I  all, I'm very happy with this model. I think I achieved what I set out to do with the drab military colors and pulpy, steampunk is weaponry.  What do you think? Bueller?

Monday, September 7, 2015

Meanwhile back at the Astra Militarum...

Ok. I have to confess, I love love love commissars.  I like to paint them, I like to read about them, I like to look at other people's painted commissars. Here's one of mine. Another year or two old paint job.

And then I live me some guard. Good ol' Nork is always special

Next up, my take on Lord Castellan Creed: work it, Creed!

Friday, September 4, 2015


So my greatest love in what is now Age of Sigmar are the Blightkings. I have some pictures of a couple that I painted some time ago. My theme goes with the corrupted sea creatures of the fantasy fluff and the concepts of dying in some God awful manner involving pus, filth, and sea monsters. Anyways, I wanted some colors resembling corals of a reef.


I really wanted a moving water feeling as though they were coming from the sea onto the beach. Thoughts? 

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Stern Disciplinarians

Continuing on the lively space maroons theme, I humbly submit some sternguard. Painted just after the tac squad, close to two years ago. Doesn't this first guy look super stern? Or maybe constipated.

Here's a couple more hardasses. The bald fellow is far more stern than open-mouthed determination fellow.

In some semblance of seriousness, I did try to vary their skin tones quite a bit to provide a further degree of realism. I think it turned out pretty well, don't you?

So these pricks were a ton of fun to paint, and oddly enough, I still have one yet to paint. Lots of ADHD up in here. Maybe one of the 5 of you will let me know what you think. Likely not, but maybe so.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

There and There Again: a Fatass's Tale

Man, it has been a long time since I've posted anything (as the 5 of you probably haven't noticed). So I'm going to try and catch up.  Starting with this shit: space maroons.

Just look at those teeny tiny old bases. Should clue you in that I painted these bastards well over a year ago

Try to keep it simple, stupid. Too many details and not enough finished models makes Jason a dull boy. 

Ok, so I've got way too much to catch up on. Kinda sucks, but at least I've got a metric shit ton of blogging material. Look out, you poor fools!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

To be an Inquisitor, you've got to be a dirty girl.

So I've been playing with my Inquisitors and their servants again.  I like the idea of them being dirty, gritty, obsessed folk when they're on the hunt.  And they're ALWAYS on the hunt.  See what you think.
First up, the Inquisitor herself.  I'll use her as Valeria or make up an entirely new one (this is most likely) on my own.  I really wanted to focus on the grime buildup of hunting down heretics in the dredges of a hiveworld.  I'm not entirely happy with her sword, but the model is old and rough metal.  Despite my efforts to smoothe it out, it fought me at every turn on that blade.  I hope I came up with something passable:

Creeping into the background you can see her record servitor, Rufus.  He is worthy and dutiful, like a good mindless servant of the Inquisition should be.  He takes exceptional notes, and though his role as administrative assistant takes him to the most forbidding places in the Empire of Man, he doesn't complain.  Good secretary.  Good, good secretary.  I wanted the same grime cakes and a little leakage from him as his maintenance is overdue from the stress and strain of the hunt:

A close-up of the dirty girl.  Its funny, I put A LOT into the details and shading on this model.  Then I threw the filth at it.  Can't see most of my work, the checkerboard detailing on the inside hem of her duster is almost non-identifiable in the pics.  You can see it a little better in person.  I'm still pretty excited about the results.
As always, feedback is appreciated.  I know I don't post often, as I get irritated trying to take decent pictures with my cell phone LOL.  Thanks for looking!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sons of Apocalypse infantry

Here are some examples of my Sons of Apocalypse infantry units. Some will be more chaosy than others. These aren't there just yet but it gives a good idea of their scheme and feel. I'm still working on some design symbols and such. These are repurposed pieces that I got already built so I didn't do much modding. See what you think so far.